Masimo - PVi Root
  • PVi? is a measure of the dynamic changes in the Perfusion Index (Pi) that occur during one or more complete respiratory cycles.
  • Pi reflects the amplitude of the pulse oximeter waveform and is calculated as the pulsatile infrared signal (AC or variable component), indexed against the non-pulsatile infrared signal (DC or constant component). Pi is expressed as a percentage (0.02-20%).
    Masimo - PVi - PI Formula
  • The calculation for PVi? is accomplished by measuring changes in Pi over a time interval where one or more complete respiratory cycles have occurred.
  • PVi? automatically and continuously calculates the respiratory variations in the plethysmographic waveform.
  • PVi? may show changes that reflect physiologic factors such as vascular tone, circulating blood volume, and intrathoracic pressure excursions.

PVi? Calculation: How It Works

Masimo - PVi Formula
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